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MDXREF Enhancements in 8.2

This document briefly describes the enhancements provided with version 8.2.x of the MDTransform product.
See the build log for fixes made to 8.2.x after the initial release occurs.

From Build Date

April 16, 2019 Currently, if *IFS is included in the list of libraries to cross-reference for a level, the entire IFS file system is cross-referenced for viewing in MDOpen.

Now, *IFSMD can be used instead, if only relevant folders should be cross-referenced.

The folders considered by *IFSMD are:

  • Target Folders for *IFS attributes and attributes with *IFS source in MDCMS
  • Replication Folders for *IFS attributes and attributes with *IFS source in MDCMS
  • *IFS search template folders
  • The /MDCMS folder
  • Folders defined in MDOpen to contain open source files to be cross-referenced
February 4, 2020 The MDXREF build can now be refreshed for all application levels with a single job. Either by pressing F10 in the Application/Level screen or by specifying *ALL on the XREFBLDLIB command.
April 15, 2020 When searching for the use of a file’s field within source members, scan the members for all modules bound into a program registered as using the file.
November 27, 2020 MDXREF now includes references between physical files when a physical file references field definitions in another file.