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Setup SSL Certificate Store on IBM i

This process will guide you through setting up the Digital Certificate Manager to enable your iSeries to interact as a client to other external servers requiring SSL connections. An example would be if you needed to send an XML credit request to Trans Union or other credit provider from your IBM i.

Step 1: Enter Digital Certificate Manager

Please note that this process may be different for machines on V5R4. Additionally, you will need to verify that 5722AC3 (Crypto Access Provider 128-bit) is installed on your IBM i.

To begin, verify that the *ADMIN HTTP server job is running with the following command:


If you don’t see *ADMIN in the list, please run the following command to start it:


After you’ve ensured that the *ADMIN server is running, open a web browser (Internet Explorer is recommended), and go to http://YourIBMIPAddress:2001 – you should see a login page as seen below:

Enter your IBM i username and password, and click “Log in”. You should see a page split into two sections – a menu on the left, and a larger content area on the right that looks like the below image:

Click the “IBM i Tasks Page” link.

Now, click the “Digital Certificate Manager” link. You may be prompted to log in again – if you are, enter your IBM i username and password. It is recommended to log into the Digital Certificate Manager on a profile with elevated authority.

Step 2: Create New Certificate Store

Select the link “Create New Certificate Store”

Ensure *SYSTEM is selected, and then select the “Continue” button. Note: if *SYSTEM does not appear, this process has likely already been completed on your IBM i.

Step 3: Select Yes

Select “Yes”, and then press the “Continue” button.

Step 4: Finish Entering Data

Put anything you want in the “Certificate label” field. Then, specify a “Password”, and record it for future reference. Fill out the remaining fields, populating them with whatever data is necessary, and then select the “Continue” button.

Step 5: Store Certificate Key

Cut and paste the below certificate key into a text editor (like Notepad) and save it someplace secure. Select the “OK” button.

Step 6: Ensure Proper Configuration

Selecting the “Select a Certificate Store” button at the top of the left sidebar will place you at the below screen. Make sure *SYSTEM is selected, and select the “Continue” button.

Enter the password you specified in Step 4, and select the Continue button. Note: If you ever forget the password, you can simply select “Reset Password” – you will be allowed to reset the password without knowing the previous password.

If your page looks like below, you have successfully set up SSL on your IBM i!