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MDRest4i Version 11

Welcome to MDRest4i Quick Start Version 11

Below you will find the necessary links to downloads and documentation that will get you started quickly on your MDRest4i Quick Start project

Installation Guides & Manuals

MDRest4i 11 iCore Installation Instructions This document includes prerequisites for the IBM i components, and details the installation of the RPG runtime/framework components on the development and/or production boxes.
MDREST4i 11 Tutorial This is a step-by-step tutorial that will be your guideline during the MDREST4i quick start process. It explains the principals of REST and how to build REST API’s using RPG and document them using SWAGGER/OAPI
MDREST4i 11 Reference Guide A detailed reference guide for all of the functions and features included in the MDREST4i framework and SDK development tools
MDREST4i 11 SDK Installation Instructions This guide explains how to setup the web UI application of the MDREST4i SDK.
MDRest4i SDK Online Help How to administer and use the SDK web UI
MDREST4i Setting up SSL on IBM i How to to setup IBM i to use SSL for API’s and Consumers built with MDRest4i
Setup RSA JWS & JWT Certificates in IBM i DCM How to setup RSA Certificates on IBM i for RSA 256 JWT/JWS signatures and encryption in MDREst4i

Software Downloads

Build Date
New Features
Build Log
MDRESt4i iCore RPG software Download 11.0.0 Jan 21, 2022 View View This is the core RPG runtime and development framework that is installed on the IBM i. Install this  before the SDK web application.
MDRest4i SDK Accelerator/Console Software Download 11.0.0 Dec 3, 2021 View View This is the React.js/Node.js web application for editing SWAGGER/OAPI specification and generating REST API’s and Consumers on with the MDREST4i framework. It installs on a linux machine/partition or windows machine/partition. The is needed for the second section the Quick Start Tutorial – “SWAGGER Worked Examples”
MDRest4i SDK Documenter Software Download 11.0.0 Dec 3, 2021 View View This is the React.js/Node.js web application React.js/Node.js that allows you to export and host OAPI/SWAGGER in a rich documenter CMS