It’s Time to Make the Move from Legacy Change Management

Many users of legacy change management solutions (e.g., TurnOver, Implementer, Rocket Aldon) are experiencing exorbitant charges for HA boxes and upgrades plus difficulties with managing software changes essential for modern application development. We can eliminate these financial frustrations and technical roadblocks for you, in some cases for less than the cost of an upgrade.

An Easy Transition

The unique automated migration capability included in MDCMS makes moving from legacy change management fast and efficient.

For example, in the case of TurnOver, we can quickly map all projects, tasks, subtasks, Forms, historical object deployment information, archived source code, and active checkouts into MDCMS, omitting settings and history that are not relevant. MDCMS can also automatically migrate TurnOver create command overrides for active and historical object requests.

Best of all, you can test and rollback the migration until you are happy with how everything is presented in MDCMS, with no risk to your existing applications. Transitioning your work in progress is seamless.

Save Money – Accomplish More

Our customers who have replaced legacy change management solutions with MDCMS  have found intuitive MDCMS to be a comfortable fit for their organizations.

Too busy to make a change? Our expert team members can handle much of the work for you. Please contact us, and we’ll let you know how we can help and how much you can save.

Why Work with Us

With Midrange Dynamics you get the latest functionality, a choice of affordable licensing options for organizations of all sizes and stable maintenance. Since 1998 hundreds of companies around the world—from very small shops to large enterprises such as global banks—have been using MDCMS with great success. MDCMS incorporates the latest technology to keep pace with the advances of technology and your application modernization efforts.

To the change management experts at Midrange Dynamics you are so much more than a line item on a balance sheet or the contact that gets the maintenance bill. Please contact us if you would like to see how much you can gain by moving to MDCMS.