No Complex SQL Syntax/Conversion Programs Required

IBM i development teams working to modernize application architecture with SQL will appreciate the new data transformation capability within MDCMS. Complex SQL syntax and conversion programs can become a thing of the past with MDTransform, an optional feature in the MDCMS core product that helps developers quickly map and manage database file changes.

MDTransform generates the SQL scripts, so you don’t have to. Development teams are only limited by what SQL can do.

Using MDTransform, developers can confidently automate managing field expansions, initializing new fields, merging fields, and managing deployment of DDS to DDL conversions. It also handles field type changes such as numerical to string, string to graphical, and vice versa, with ease.

MDTransform guides users through the steps to easily add and populate new fields or update field content. Behind the scenes, it builds and executes a dynamic SQL insert to populate the new version of the file.

Data transformation results are validated during the compile phase to avoid any surprises during installation. In fact, users can view, customize, and validate conversion results when the transformation occurs.

MDTransform can be accessed from MDCMS Object Manager or from MDOpen, the Eclipse-based plug in to MDCMS. It is an optional MDCMS feature available for an additional charge. Midrange Dynamics users who would like to check out the new functionality may request a free 30-day license key.