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October: Scott Klement Joins the Midrange Dynamics Team
Scott Klement, a technical leader and IBM Champion in the IBM i space, joined the Midrange Dynamics team. Klement will contribute to strategic product initiatives for the global provider of software and API tools. Read the Press Release.


September: Original Software and Midrange Dynamics Partner To Support IBM i Businesses
Original Software and MD can now provide a full suite of change management and testing solutions, including Test Data Management, Batch Program Testing, Test Automation and Regression Testing. Seamless integration of industry-leading testing tools with the Midrange Dynamics solutions makes it easy for organizations to include automated testing in their CI/CD process. Read the press release.


September: Midrange Dynamics Acquires Leading IBM i API Tools and Digital Integration Provider, Rest4i Ltd.
Midrange Dynamics has acquired the innovative IBM i API tools provider Rest4i Ltd. This investment marks the first time in its 21-year history that the technology driven change management company was inspired to purchase another solutions provider. Read the press release.

August: Midrange Dynamics Speeds Table Updates in Db2 Mirror Clusters
With the launch of Db2 Mirror with IBM i 7.4 in June, IBM heralded the age of continuous availability on the midrange platform…. However, while the new software keeps production data in perfect synch, it’s not so great at keeping up with changes to underlying database tables. That’s an area that Midrange Dynamics is addressing with its change management software. Read the article.


February: Manage Database File Changes and Data Transformation without Complex SQL Syntax/Conversion Programs
IBM i development teams working to modernize application architecture with SQL will appreciate the new Data Transformation capability within Midrange Dynamics Change Management (MDCMS) Version 8.1. Complex SQL syntax and conversion programs can become a thing of the past with MDTransform, an optional feature in the MDCMS core product that helps you quickly map and manage database file changes. Read the press release.


August: Subscription-Based Change Management Added To IBM i MSP Menu
Software subscriptions can be a good solution for companies looking for operational benefits using cloud hosted services for their development systems, as well as their backup systems…. IBM i vendors Midrange Dynamics and iTech Solutions have partnered to provide a new set of subscription services. Read the article.

July: iTech Solutions Group/Midrange Dynamics Collaboration Highlights Advantages of Cloud Hosting and Managed Services
Market leader iTech Solutions Group adds Midrange Dynamics Change Management (MDCMS) to the portfolio of solutions that the renowned Power Systems solutions and services company offers to its hosting and managed services customers. Read the press release.

May: Multi-Platform App Dev Capabilities Tops List of Midrange Dynamics Priorities
There’s a new playing field and Midrange Dynamics is hearing about it from the most innovative shops in its customer base. Since IBM now supports distributed version control systems such as Git on IBM i, progressive development organizations like to have options regarding where their native and non-native source repositories are located. Read the article.

May: Overcome Development and Deployment Boundaries with MDCMS Version 8.0
Centrally manage native IBM i and non-native development and deployment no matter where your source repository resides. Direct interfaces to Git and Subversion, seamless integration with FrescheView and X-Analysis, and superior SQL management are a few highlights of this major release. Read the press release.

April: Midrange Dynamics Joins the Fresche Power Partner Program
Read the press release and discover how our tight alliance Fresche Solutions and their complementary product lines deliver additional options that support your IBM i modernization initiatives.


July: Surviving A Change Management Migration
Don’t let concerns about change management migration challenges hold you back! Discover how Vermont Information Processing made the move from a legacy application to Midrange Dynamics change management. Read the article.

April: BCD Software and Midrange Dynamics Announce Strategic Partnership
Midrange Dynamics’ flagship change management tool, MDCMS, now integrates with BCD’s WebSmart PHP web application development solution. Read the press release.

February: Easily Manage Deployment to Hundreds of Systems with MDCMS Version 7.4
The latest version of powerful, flexible MDCMS highlights performance and convenience enhancements for large enterprises; smaller shops benefit too. Read the press release