MDXREF - Midrange Dynamics

MDXREF: Feature-Rich Object Cross Referencing for IBM i

Easy-to-use, comprehensive cross referencing for IBM i and beyond

MDXREF is packed with IBM i application and object cross referencing features that track and report on inter-relationships of all files and objects in application libraries right down to the field level. File referencing, process flow, bound objects, source referencing and more are easily managed in this powerful solution.

File Referencing

  • View all fields defined for a file
  • Search for field usage with wildcards and reference fields
  • View indexes over data file
  • View SQL relationships for tables including indexes, views, constraints, triggers, UDTs,
  • View display/printer file field references to other files
  • View all programs that use a file and how the file is used
  • View all queries using a file
  • View CL programs using files with FMTDTA, OVRDBF, CPYF, or OPNQRYF commands
  • Expand file usage information across all dependencies or focus in on specific relationships

Process Flow

  • View all programs calling a program, command, or query
  • View all commands invoking a program
  • View all menus calling a program, command, or query
  • Use the reporting facility to show the entire process flow of an application as well as all files used by the process flow
  • Incorporate ROBOT, Advance job scheduling or IBM job scheduler calls
  • Incorporate your own cross reference data such as file driven menu systems

Support Bound Objects

  • Quickly understand module and program relationships
  • Identify imports and exports for your procedures
  • Identify where any service program or module is bound into program

Source Referencing

  • View all programs using a copybook
  • View all copybooks used by a program
  • Compare Source Member contents across libraries and systems
  • Source Comparison Functions support IFS or source members for comparison
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