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Whether you’re just beginning to adopt DevOps practices, are heavy into SQL, or mixing old and new methodologies, we can help with your IBM i application modernization efforts

Midrange Dynamics provides application lifecycle and API management for hundreds of enterprises and small IT teams worldwide. As a member of the IBM ISV council, we use agile development to address the IBM i technology roadmap and marketplace. Powerful software change management, analysis, and deployment capabilities are essential for successful application development. That’s what you get with Midrange Dynamics. While DevOps, concurrent development, application modernization, and Open Source are trending topics in the IBM i world, they are far from new concepts for Midrange Dynamics. Our comprehensive solutions for development, software quality assurance, deployment, and compliance have aligned fully with these objectives for years.

We give you many options to accelerate your company’s IBM i application modernization strategies. MDCMS’s flexible configuration makes it easy to adapt to new workflows and policies as you move forward. Our intuitive solutions support IBM i and Open Source teams, while dramatically reducing time and risk involved in enhancing code, automating the software development lifecycle, and removing development and deployment boundaries.

Midrange Dynamics is a game changer. We work closely with our customers – building a long-term partnership, an extension of your IT development teams.

With MDCMS, developers can analyze and deploy much faster, and in a far more structured way, into development and test branches across partitions. There is so much available to you : two-way integration with Jira, concurrent development supported by our built-in, field-level cross-referencing product, outstanding support for SQL and stored procedures, deployment for classic IBM i development, Java, PHP, and other programs in the same promotion request to the IFS or to other servers. And let’s not forget the MDRest4i API software development toolkit, and integration with Git, ServiceNow, and Jenkins.

Integrate and Modernize! You Get Options with Midrange Dynamics

Midrange Dynamics itself employs MDRest4i to rapidly spin up integrations between MDCMS and other software solutions used by their change management clients. All key MDCMS functions are now available as documented REST APIs. With this built-in REST framework, the rich DevOps and CI/CD solutions of MDWorkflow are rapidly and easily extended as technologies and requirements evolve.Various development teams in your organization can use source versioning tools such as Git and Subversion for applications or take advantage of the internal source versioning in MDCMS. MDCMS gives you options.

Are you modernizing your applications, code, or database? MDCMS has many features to make these projects efficient and your goals attainable. Beyond what we offer in MDCMS, you can choose from a range of best-in-class tools from leading vendors. In most cases, specialized interfaces are not required for interoperability with other solutions, so you can create the ideal solution for your environment.

“The product is solid, and the support we’ve received has been great. We believe Midrange Dynamics has a solid commitment to their product, which gives us a lot of confidence in relying on it for our change management.”

– Dave Easton, VP of IT – MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.