SQL Support in MDCMS Change Management for IBM i

Easily Manage SQL Development

If you’re doing SQL development or database modernization projects, MDCMS change management for IBM i gives you all the SQL support you need to incorporate new functionality and technologies. Enhanced capability for modern SQL applications includes:

• Cross-referencing for SQL entities (constraints, functions, indexes, materialized query tables, procedures, sequences, tables, triggers, and views)
• The ability to use SQL schema naming, filter and display objects by SQL name or SQL type, filter and display fields by SQL column name, etc.

MDCMS’s Smart Sort feature automates table management in the same sophisticated way it handles bound objects. When an SQL entity, such as a view or function, is ready to be compiled and deployed, MDCMS checks dependencies in both directions. It then automatically sorts it so that items it depends on are compiled first and items that depend on it are compiled afterward.

Expanded data mapping supports ongoing modernization efforts. For example during a database modernization project, the IT team will need to map the data from the old DDS Physical File to the new SQL table. With MDCMS, for a Physical File or SQL table they can configure the contents to be copied into the modified format of a file.

You can identify unique “from” and “to” file names to support data conversion from DB2 files to SQL tables. This built-in feature makes these transitions easy to test and implement.

Since you can identify the sequence in which objects are created this also allows for appropriate ordering of logical files, views and indexes.

Managing Conversion of Multi-Member Files

Expanded capabilities in MDCMS assist IT shops with multi-member DB2 files that are being converted to uniquely named tables. You simply identify the member name and link it to the new SQL table. MDCMS handles multiple files based on the same source member cleanly and transparently so there is minimal maintenance. Strong relationship information is built into MDXREF, the application cross-referencing that comes free with MDCMS.

Turning Hours into Minutes during Production Data Migrations

Also available is a new, separately licensed module, MDRapid. Using advanced high availability and change management techniques, MDRapid processes DB2 data file changes, maintaining the information in SQL tables until it’s time to move to production. This allows migration of data file changes to production in minutes instead of hours.