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Modernize your applications and deliver value to your business with MD

With our powerful tools for concurrent development, sophisticated deployment, automated rollback, and API creation, you can build innovative, multiplatform applications around a strong and secure foundation, your IBM i.

  • Integrate with leading CI/CD solutions
  • Deliver DevOps across your organization
  • Deploy database file changes in seconds

Check out the success stories below to see how companies around the world are modernizing thier applications, while transforming application lifecycle and API management. Then schedule a demo to learn how you can accelerate innovation and reduce risk.

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Svenska Handelsbanken

Svenska Handelsbanken AB has more than 12,000 employees in 20 countries and 800 international branches. Learn how the bank uses Power Systems and IBM i technologies to handle transactional growth and maintain business-critical high availability.

Liberty Mutual Insurance 

Read to learn how Liberty Mutual laid the foundation for a modern CI/CD pipeline, increased speed and agility,  and helped team members fully embrace software development modernization.

Colonna Group

Paris-based Colonna Group modernized its core RPG application using MDRest4i.  Quick and easy-to-implement MDRest4i saved Colonna Group a significant amount of time in coding, enabling them to meet a critical deadline for a modernization project. Get the details

Auction Edge

There comes a time for many software development shops when their own internally developed tools are no longer sufficient to handle critical change management and software distribution functions. Read and discover how software developer Auction Edge gained robust distribution and rollback with MDCMS.