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DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines in the IBM i World

DevOps empowers modern development teams to deal with constant change, while improving quality and reducing downtime. Here we offer a practical look at what DevOps is and how it maps to IBM i, demystifying concepts and cutting back the hype. Successful modernization involves leveraging your development team’s business knowledge. View this presentation to explore how you can quickly turn your RPG skills and applications into modern digital assets.

  • See how IBM i can integrate with, or drive, your CI/CD pipeline
  • Understand where Open Source tools fit in your IBM i shop
  • Learn about solutions to connect the parts of a modern DevOps enterprise
  • Discover the simplicity and power of REST using RPG on IBM i

Digital transformation is attainable in the real world. Watch this informative webcast, presented by Donna Westmoreland and Michael Morgan of Midrange Dynamics, and learn about techniques and tools that we and our customers use to innovate in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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