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Michael Morgan

Founder and Managing Partner
Lead Architect for the MD Product Line
Michael was born and raised in Battle Creek, MI, and studied Computer Science at Michigan Technological University. In 1993, he moved to Seattle, WA, where he began to develop MDCMS. He has lived in Switzerland since 1998 and has two children. When not working hard on the next release of MDCMS, he’s playing hard: alpine skiing, bicycling, or diving, depending on the season.

Stephan de Diego

Co-Owner and Managing Partner
Marketing & Relationship Manager
Stephan, a native of Zürich, Switzerland, has a degree in computer science and has worked in IT since 1988. He is an expert business analyst with a focus on global payments, liquidity management, and real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems. In 1998 he joined Midrange Dynamics and is responsible for strategic planning. Stephan’s passions are photography and travel. He runs our office in Bangkok, Thailand, where he focuses on building a distribution network for Midrange Dynamics in Asia.

René Unternährer

Lead Programmer
Rene grew up just outside of the city of Zürich. Following business school, he worked as a consultant for corporate lending and mortgage. In 1996, he began to train as a programmer, combining his expertise in IT and banking. René met his wife while working as an IT consultant for the Swiss Science Consulate in Boston, MA. Their family now includes two children. A competitive triathlete, Rene enjoys swimming, running, and biking, plus skiing, snowboarding, travel, and hiking.

Mary Langen

Marketing Director
A marketer from the start, Mary sold technical services while in college. She was a bar code champion in the AS/400 years, followed by stints as a semiconductor marketer at AMD and Motorola. Mary rejoined the IBM midrange community in 2003. Her quest to discover the best change management solution for her customers led her to Midrange Dynamics. When she’s not promoting MDCMS, you will find Mary on or under the water, playing with her dogs, or at work on her family’s small organic farm.

Rafael Cano Castillo

Business Development
Rafael epitomizes globalization: he is a Mexican who lives in France, works in Switzerland, and facilitates business relationships around the globe. He has a chemical engineering degree and an MBA from the EPFL in Lausanne and the University of Texas at Austin. Formerly an IT project manager for ERP implementations, he specializes in sales and marketing, establishing relationships between Midrange Dynamics and IBM i business partners and customers mainly in the Americas. Rafael enjoys running, playing squash, and most of all, spending time with his wife and two children.